Neuro-gaming to Treat Aging

Adam Gazzaley

Arc Fusion Launch Party | San Francisco | September 16, 2014


UCSF neurologist Adam Gazzaley tells an Arc audience about his astonishing findings in using neural games to treat the diseases of aging.

Adam Gazzaley

Founding Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center at UCSF

Adam Gazzaley is the founding director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center at the University of California, San Francisco; an associate professor of neurology, physiology and psychiatry; and principal investigator of a cognitive neuroscience laboratory.
His laboratory studies neural mechanisms of perception, attention and memory, and their changes in aging. Gazzaley’s research approach uses a combination of human neurophysiological tools, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography and transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation.
His recent studies explore enhancing cognitive abilities via engagement with custom-designed video games and how this can be bolstered by closed-loop systems. Gazzaley has written over 90 scientific articles, delivered over 300 presentations worldwide, and had his research and perspectives profiled in high-impact media.