BioBabel – Too Much Data, Too Little Understanding?

David Ewing Duncan

Arc Fusion Dinner | Boston | October 7, 2014

David Ewing Duncan introduces the mission of Arc to an audience in Boston attending the 2nd Arc Fusion dinner. He also discussed the theme of the evening regarding what we’re doing with the massive amount of data being generated today, the accelerated rate of this data acquisition, and whether it’s being made useful for us. As David says, “creating data is easy, making sense of it is hard.”

David Duncan

David Ewing Duncan

Co-Founder & CEO, Arc Programs

He is an award-winning best-selling author of eight books published in 19 languages; he is a journalist and a television, radio and film producer and correspondent. His most recent book is When I’m 164: The new science of radical life extension, and what happens if it succeeds  (TED Books).
He is a Correspondent for The Atlantic, and the Chief Correspondent of public radio’s Biotech Nation. He is series editor for Imminent Technologies at Perseus/Public Affairs. David writes for The New York Times, Fortune, National Geographic, Discover, and others.
He was the founder and host of BioAgenda and the Founding Director of the Center of Life Science Policy at UC Berkeley. He was a commentator on NPR’s Morning Edition, and a contributing editor for Wired, Discover, and Conde Nast Portfolio. He is a former special correspondent and producer for ABC Nightline.
David has won numerous awards including the Magazine Story of the Year from AAAS. His work has appeared in The Best American Science and Nature Writing.