Should we build a better human

Should we build a better human?
Juan Enriquez, Eric Schadt

Should we build a better human

Welcome to the Age of Fusion
David Ewing Duncan

Fusion is transforming our world.
How will you respond?

Arc is devoted to busting silos and to accelerating the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine.
Join us and be a part of this new world where new technologies and ideas converge
to transform health, policy, the arts and commerce – and how we live.


A simple and forceful trajectory into the future

“Arc wants to change how we think about the future, when not only health, IT and science will fuse, but also commerce, policy, law, and the media – and how we live.”
– David Ewing Duncan, Arc Co-Founder
2015 Arc Fusion Summit

Join us September 1-3, 2015
San Diego, CA

This fall the Arc Fusion Summit will gather a community around the fusion idea, featuring speakers and content designed to disrupt, provoke, entertain, and galvanize. Everyone attending is doing something amazing – top thinkers, executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, patient advocates, journalists, artists, and provocateurs. The summit uses a “live magazine” format around critical issues with opposing points of view moderated by well-known journalists and thinkers.


Arc Fusion Dinners are unique evenings designed to combine the “underground dinner” movement with core Arc themes – plus incredible speakers; arts offerings; fascinating guests; and brief Fusion Talks. To be held in 2015 for one inspiring evening each in San Francisco, Boston, London, New York, and more. By invitation only.

Arc Fusion Dinners are Produced by Michael Hebb

Science and the Arts

Arc supports a vigorous arts and science program, featuring film, theater, visual arts, and more. Arc also is creating a series of action projects to carry themes and ideas beyond the meetings. We want to support real-world projects that are fusing health, IT and biomedicine. Look for specific action programs launching in the near future.

Dana Leong plays his futuristic cello

“Lifeforms” by Stanza

Personalized Health Project (WebsiteWhite Paper)


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