The BioAgenda Institute and Annual Summit:

Before Arc there was BioAgenda. Arc will incorporate elements from the BioAgenda Meetings of 2003-2007– co-founded, curated and hosted by David Ewing Duncan. This meeting of 250 top figures in the life sciences was a 2 1⁄2-day summit held in Palm Springs, CA. Arc co-founder Steve Petranek was a key advisor to BioAgenda and organized and led numerous meetings and events as the editor-and-chief of Discover Magazine


2006 BioAgenda Summit Program
2007 BioAgenda Brochure


BioAgenda and Other Events Organized by David and Steve
Selected Past Speakers:
Craig Ventor, James Fallows, Mark Zuckerberg, Francis Collins, Brook Byers, Juan Enriques, Susan Hellman, George Rathman, Reid Hoffman, Lee Hood, Brian Greene, George Church, Irv Weisman, James Watson, Brian Greene, Drew Endy, Sydney Brenner, Senator Diane Feinstein, Richard Dawkins, Fred Frank, Michael Milken, Cynthia Kenyon, Ray Kurzweil, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Art Caplan, Chris Anderson, James Reston, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Stewart Brand, Paul Saffo, Esther Dyson, Chris Anderson, Jason Pontin, Tiffany Shlain, and many more.