2015 Arc Fusion Summit Speakers

Recently Announced Speakers

Arc will be announcing even more speakers and performers in the coming weeks. Below are speakers that curators David Ewing Duncan and Steve Petranek have had on stage in previous meetings they organized, co-organized, or hosted.
Selected Past Speakers:
Craig Ventor, James Fallows, Mark Zuckerberg, Francis Collins, Brook Byers, Juan Enriques, Susan Hellman, George Rathman, Reid Hoffman, Lee Hood, Brian Greene, George Church, Irv Weisman, James Watson, Brian Greene, Drew Endy, Sydney Brenner, Senator Diane Feinstein, Richard Dawkins, Fred Frank, Michael Milken, Cynthia Kenyon, Ray Kurzweil, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Art Caplan, Chris Anderson, James Reston, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Stewart Brand, Paul Saffo, Esther Dyson, Chris Anderson, Jason Pontin, Tiffany Shlain, and many more.

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