2015 Arc Fusion Summit Issues

Arc wants to engage you in a conversation around the most critical issues in fusion, with talks and ideas from leaders and thinkers representing a range of viewpoints.
Here are some ideas we’re working on for the 2015 Arc Fusion Summit.

  • BioBabel: Too much data, too little understanding?

  • Will mapping the human brain explain consciousness?

  • Rebuilding the FDA and the NIH for an age of fusion

  • Why can’t engineers be more like biologists… and vice versa?

  • Should science build a better you?

  • Proposed: a Human Wellness Project

  • What is “evidence” in the age of fusion?

  • How will today’s IT disrupt – or destroy – pharma and biomedicine?

  • Can high tech save a low-tech world?

  • Creating new “fusion standards” that improve health outcomes

  • Can privacy survive in the age of fusion?

Let us hear about issues you are concerned about, or comments on the issues presented by clicking here.

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