2015 Arc Fusion Summit Agenda


Age of Fusion: On the Edge

September 1-3 | Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

This agenda represents some ideas and sessions we are working on to give you a flavor of what the summit is about. All items are subject to change. We also welcome your input at info@arcprograms.net.

Day One

Tuesday, September 1st

9:00AM Registration Opens
2:30PM-4:00PM Refreshments served in the central garden.
VIP Reception: Speakers and Sponsors
4:00PM-6:15PM Chapter 1: Ballroom

Welcome from David Ewing Duncan and Stephen Petranek, Arc Curators

Short Talk: “Fusion or Con-Fusion?”
David Ewing Duncan
, Arc Curator

Short Talk: Arc Fusion Dinners

Michael Hebb, Underground dinner impresario explains the concept behind the “Jeffersonian Dinners” that will occur following the Arts and Science Session, and why Arc wants you to get intimate with a small group around an amazing meal.

SESSION: Arts and Science Part 1

Theatrical Offerings and Dance: Science themes. Director and actors from Broadway and Hollywood

6:15PM-7:15PM Break
7:15PM-9:00PM Arc Fusion Dinners

Intimate meals and discussion where everyone speaks. Ten Venues – Each table will address a bottleneck and possible solutions to achieving the true fusion of health, IT and biomedicine – Arc attendees will vote on the top three “Get Real” projects that the Arc community will focus on for the next year.

Attendees will sign up for dinners by theme before the summit, with each attendee providing their top three choices. Seating will be announced at the summit.One ARC Fusion Talk and theme in each room:

Room 1: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 2: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 3: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 4: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 5: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 6: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 7: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 8: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 9: Table Leader and Theme TBA
Room 10: Table Leader and Theme TBA

Day Two

Wednesday, September 2nd

7:00AM-8:00AM Crown Room Open
Arc Well-being Zone
7:00AM-8:00AM Breakfast: Crown Room
7:30AM-8:00AM Ballroom Opens
8:00AM-10:00AM Chapter 2: Ballroom

Welcome from David and Steve


Fireside Chat: Famed Investor

TOPIC: Healthcare (Over) Spending

HISTORY LESSON: Anatomy of a Hospital Bill: Video and reenactment of a 1993 Life Magazine story and ABC news documentary on the cost of healthcare 20 years ago

BRIEFING: Famed journalist covering healthcare costs lays out what’s happening today

PANEL: Are we insane? If everyone knows we are spending far too much on healthcare for what most people get, why can’t we fix this?

ISSUE: Adapt or Die: Pharma at the crossroads in an Age of Fusion

10:00AM-11:00AM Break: Crown Room
Demos: Movie
11:00AM-1:00PM Chapter 3: Ballroom

SESSION: Outcomes and Staying Healthy

ARC CHALLENGE: Proposed: A Human Wellness Project:

PANEL: You 3.0: Predicting your health future – what works, and what doesn’t

ARC FUSION TALK: Keeping your microbes healthy

INTERLUDE: “The membrane between intuition and intelligence in science: A Buddhist perspective”

1:00PM-2:30PM Lunch: Windsor Lawn

COOKING DEMO: Guest Chef-Scientist


2:30PM-3:45PM Chapter 4: Ballroom

SESSION: Action, Part I

Presentations by Table Talk Leaders (5 minutes each)

Major themes, discussion points, problems and solutions

Table Talk Leaders Propose one “Get Real” pilot project emerging from their table

3:45PM-4:15PM Break

Informal discussions about “Get Real” ideas

Voting opens to choose top three “Get Real” projects that the Arc community will support over the next year

4:15PM-6:00PM Chapter 5: Ballroom


ARC FUSION TALK: Busting silos

PANEL: Why can’t an engineer be more like a biologist – and vice versa?

SESSION: Consumers

PANEL: Experimental People: Will personalized data live up to its hype?

QUESTION: What will medical ethics look like in an age of fusion? Is privacy possible?

INTERLUDE: Can the human brain ever understand the mysteries of the human brain?

Music from the brain

6:00PM-7:30PM Demo Reception: Crown RoomAmazing fusion tech from around the world
7:30PM-9:30PM Drinks and Dinner: Del Coronado Beach

Dance Performance Involving Robots

Bacchanal around the fire

9:30PM-11:00PM Two Late Night Choices:

Film Night: Ballroom

Un-conference (Place TBD)

Day Three

Thursday, September 3rd

7:00AM-8:00AM Breakfast: Crown Room
7:30AM-8:00AM Ballroom Open
Video or Visual Arts Program
8:00AM-10:00AM Chapter 6: Ballroom

SESSION: Action, Part 2

LAUNCH: Arc Fusion Institute

ARC FUSION PRIZES:Presentations by Finalists

Announce Winners


Announce results of top three “Get Real” projects for 2015-2016


10:00AM-11:00AM Personal Time
11:00AM-1:00PM Chapter 7: Ballroom

SESSION: The Future

TOPIC: Aging as a disease: Can it – should it – be cured?


INTERLUDE: Bringing back species


LIVE INTERVIEW: From the International Space Station, questions from audience

DEEP FUTURE: Life in 50 years

1:00PM Conference Ends

Final Remarks from David and Steve

Thanks to our sponsors, speakers, and attendees

1:00PM-2:30PM Lunch: Windsor Lawn

VIP After Summit Session – Speakers and Sponsors

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