Arc Fusion Dinners

unique evenings designed to combine the “underground dinner” movement with core Arc themes

incredible speakers; arts offerings; fascinating guests; and brief fusion talks

“Great evening, fabulous company, delicious food, enlightening topic.”

– Steve Gullans, Excel Venture Management


In 2015 Arcs events will bring together more top leaders to discuss cutting edge issues.

Featured 2015 Arc Fusion Dinner | San Francisco

“The Future: Whither Humans in 100 Years?”

Seventy Arc leaders joined us for an amazing evening of talks, music, and a dinner produced by “underground dinner” impresario Michael Hebb with guest chef Adina Niemerow, holistic chef and author of “Super Cleanse”.
The group broke up into five separate rooms to hold “Jeffersonian Dinners” to discuss the question “What technologies, policies and discoveries give you hope or worry you about where humans will be in 100 years?”
Photo Gallery: Arc Fusion Dinner – San Francisco, April 21, 2015
Program: Arc Fusion Dinner – San Francisco, April 21, 2015
arcsf_0019_Table 1 - Kevin - good.jpg
Dean Ornish and Vinod Khosla

Arc Fusion Discussion

Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF, and Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures
 “The Future of Innovation, Technology and Humans”
Moderated by David Ewing Duncan, Author, Journalist and Co-Founder of Arc

Arc Fusion Talks

James Canton, PhD, Futurist and Author “Future Modeling”
Drew Endy, PhD, Bioengineer, Stanford, “Technology and Synthetic Biology”
Casey Lynch, CEO and Founder, Cortexyme “Aging and the Brain”
James Canton
arcsf_0008_Casey speaking.jpg
Rodrigo Martinez

Arc Arts & Science Talks

Rodrigo Martinez, Life Sciences Chief Strategist and Senior Portfolio Director, IDEO, “Future Branding”
Una Ryan, PhD, Molecular Biologist and Artist, “Intimate Terrain: Mapping the Universe Inside of Us”
arcsf_0022_Una with her art.jpg
Una Ryan Artwork
arcsf_0010_DBR reception, CU, good.jpg

Arts Offerings

Daniel Bernard Roumain – vocals, acoustic/electric violin