A new urgency is needed in high-concept meetings.

Arc’s meetings do not follow the predictable patterns of conferences that promulgate the same ideas and formats that we’ve heard and seen too many times. Arc will dig deep to create collisions of disciplines and points of view that one seldom, if ever, sees on the same stage.
Our format is like a live version of the best magazine stories you have ever read, with sessions led by seasoned journalists and designed to address issues head on – with the audience intimately involved in the discussion.
Arc will also engage audiences with visual arts, film, tech demos, and field trips. And Arc will ask attendees to commit to action agendas developed by speakers and participants.

Sample Arc Issues

  • How do we accelerate and maximize the fusion of Health + IT + Bioscience?

  • Proposed: a Human Wellness Project

  • Is there too much big bio data, and too little understanding of what it means?

  • What is the role of government in making fusion a reality?

  • Can neuro-gaming make our brains young again?

  • Should science build a better you?

  • Can we rebuild the FDA for an age of fusion?

  • Science in an age of gathering disbelief… in science

  • Can high tech save a low tech world? 

Coming Soon: Information on the 2015 Arc Fusion Summit and How to Sign Up

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