David Ewing Duncan

David Ewing Duncan is Co-Founder and CEO of Arc Programs. He is an award-winning best-selling author of eight books published in 19 languages; he is a journalist and a television, radio and film producer and correspondent. His most recent book is When I’m 164: The new science of radical life extension, and what happens if it succeeds (TED Books). (more…)

Stephen Petranek

Stephen Petranek is Co-Founder and President of Arc Programs. He is an award-winning editor of major publications and a writer and a television producer and presenter. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Breakthrough Technology Alert, a newsletter published by Agora Financial.

Andrea Cross

Andrea Cross is Executive Producer of Content of Arc Programs. She has served in a variety of production, editorial and management roles in science documentary television over the past 18 years. She worked for over ten years at the acclaimed PBS science documentary series NOVA on over 25 hours of television.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Robin Farmanfarmaian is Senior Vice President of Business Development for Arc Programs. She believes that technology can empower patients and make a positive impact in the health and medical field. This position drives her to provide education and resources to leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians, patients, healthcare professionals and innovators to positively impact medicine and healthcare.

She’s also the Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer for a Health Platform called WeFitt.

Farmanfarmaian focuses on the future of integrated medicine, the changing role of patients in healthcare decision-making, and how technology will change the way we experience and interact with medical facilities and physicians. She is interested in big data, wearable technology, 3D printing, and access to and the usability of personal healthcare information.

She has spoken on technology and medicine at many conferences, including FutureMed, The Burrill Personalized Medicine Meeting, the LSA Innovator Summit 2013, Wharton, and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, among others.